21 січня 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Результаты аукциона по продаже ОВГЗ: выплаты рефинансированы, но риски растут

Несмотря на существенную поддержку ликвидности со стороны Национального банка, который выкупил в понедельник 2.50 млрд гривень ОВГЗ, подтолкнув остатки на корреспондентских счетах банков к существенно...

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20 січня 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Weekly review: New borrowings and conditions

Although conditions have changed little since the end of last year, the new financing from Russia has helped push Ukrainian Eurobond spreads to tighten and yields to decline. Although the domestic ...

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15 січня 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Government bond auction results: MoF unwilling to pay higher interest rates

The debut primary auction of 2014 was characterized by partial market demand. Under the impact of high banking sector liquidity, investors decided to focus on short-term primary market bonds, of which...

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14 січня 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Weekly review: 2014 opens quietly

With no state budget approved by Parliament, and as the MoF significantly increased borrowings at the end of 2013 and will hold its first primary auction in 2014 today, this year has opened quietly wi...

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14 січня 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Результаты аукциона по продаже ОВГЗ: Минфин не готов платить больше

Дебютный аукцион 2014 года можно отчасти назвать рыночным, поскольку под влиянием высокого уровня ликвидности в банковской системе инвесторы решили бросить быстрый взгляд на первичный рынок ОВГЗ, и пр...

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8 січня 2014 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

Riding choppy waters

The Ukrainian corporate sector has yet to figure out from where it will receive funding in the future. Meanwhile, Ukrainian banks are not only reluctant but unable to provide large-scale loans to the ...

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10 вересня 2012 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

2Q12 update: Still licking the wounds

The banking sector. The second quarter revealed a worsening in credit portfolio quality among many Ukrainian banks, with their overall provisioning charge increasing by 18% QoQ in 2Q12, to UAH5...

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31 січня 2012 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

From lending to landing

With this report on Ukraine's banking sector and banks' fixed-income securities traded in the Eurobond and domestic capital markets, we initiate our regular research publications on this subject and o...

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