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5 червня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

IMF makes a bold request to the US

Yesterday, the IMF issued a statement on the US economy (http://www.imf.org/external/np/ms/2015/060415.htm), which, in our view, is likely to have implications on a number of global economies, includi ...

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4 червня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Over-regulated FX market withstands breach of Minsk 2

As feared, pro-Kremlin militants and Russian army units launched an offensive attack on the small town ...

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3 червня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Metinvest 2015 Eurobond restructuring postponed

Metinvest announced yesterday the results of bondholder meetings to vote on reviewing the terms of the company’s 2015, 2017 and 2018 Eurobonds. While the extraordinary resolutions to restructure the 2 ...

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2 червня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Restructuring talks heat up

The Ukrainian government is accelerating negotiations with bondholders this week, which began as early as yesterday between both sides and should finally resulted in a conference call scheduled for Fr ...

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