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24 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Metinvest’s 1H15 EBITDA falls 63% YoY

Last Friday, Metinvest reported its 1H15 EBITDA to decline 63% YoY to US$620m. The company’s 1H15 revenues dropped 39% YoY to US$3.7bn, and capex was down 57% YoY to US$117m. As of end-1H15, Metinvest ...

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23 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

NBU continues to support UAH

Last Friday, the NBU once again auctioned US dollars, selling US$21.2m out of US$40m in demand. Volume has slowly increased over the past week as NBU continued to sell US dollars to acknowledged banke ...

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20 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

New Eurobond YTMs show volatility

After a significant spread tightening on Wednesday, yesterday's trading showed slightly wider spreads and higher yields. Spreads widened to 612-687bp and the yield curve increased to 8.38-8.54% from 8 ...

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19 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Key sectors of the economy improve in October

The monthly statistical reports on key sectors' performance for October published over the past week, with seasonal adjustments, yielded ...

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18 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

DTEK’s 9M15 production down YoY, up QoQ

Yesterday, DTEK announced its 9M15 production results. The company’s coal mining declined 26% YoY to 21.4mt, supply of generated electricity fell 22% YoY to 27.7TWh, and electricity transmission volum ...

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17 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Economy out of recession in 3Q

Per yesterday's preliminary estimate of the last quarter's real GDP change, the economy came out of recession in 3Q thanks to a seasonally adjusted 0.7% increase in the previous period. In year-on-yea ...

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16 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

FX markets likely jolted lower

Last Friday, US dollar index rose 0.11%, underlining the trend of its domination versus other major currencies. The hryvnia crept lower to the dollar amid tight capital controls, sliding 1.81% to clos ...

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13 ноября 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Privatbank restructuring deal

Holders of Privatbank’s 2016 subordinated Eurobonds have approved a five-year restructuring of the US$150m and US$70bn October 2015 issues, with 98.26% voting in favor. The later issue was part of the ...

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